EQ1 NX Single Length Irons

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Wishon’s new single length iron design concept EQ1-NX offers same length and high COR low loft iron characteristics while adding many new performance enhancing features to mark a definite step forward in game improvement iron design.


    • Enabled by the new 2-piece hollow body design, the Center of Gravity moves progressively through the set from lowest and most rear located on the #5 iron to highest and most forward located on the GW and SW to achieve more consistent shot shape and shot height for each iron in the set
    • The hollow body design throughout the set increases the MOI of each head by removing all mass from the inside of the head to be distributed all around the CG.  The hollow body construction also enables the CG progression and uniform impact sound between the high COR and conventional COR heads in the set 
    • Low number irons are better matched with their loft to CG position to achieve preferred shot shape/height and allow a wider range of players to be able to effectively hit the #5 and 6 irons to fly and carry with proper distance gaps
    • Traditional GW and SW profile shapes are combined with milled faces and a custom sole grind make the wedges a great choice even if they were standalone wedges and not part of the single length design 
    • 275g head weight with hosel weight bore allows assembly to any single length between 35.5” and 37.5” while still being able to achieve a reasonable range of swingweight/MOI (depending on shaft weight and grip weight)
  1. Tony Hood

    I’m going to start the review myself. I’ve been playing Wishon’s clubs for almost 20 years. Great quality and designs. I tried the Sterlings (a couple of times) and they just didn’t work for me. But when the new EQ1’s came out I thought I’d give the single length idea another shot. And boy, I’m glad I did. These are by far the best irons I’ve ever played. Great new design especially with the weight distribution. First irons I’ve ever hit that I can get the ball up in the air. They have a great feel, very solid. They fly higher and further than any other iron I ever played. The single length technology has always made sense, but I just couldn’t get things to work right until now, and the EQ1’s. Great job with these Tom!

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